X-Wing Miniatures – Wargaming without the Hassle


As I mentioned in a previous post, I have recently gotten quite into the X-Wing miniatures games from Fantasy Flight & have been enjoying playing matches with friends of mine on and off since the start of this year.

As a somewhat latecomer to this party I have been very impressed by how simple the game is to pick up and play, the rules are pretty easy to learn and any special exceptions are generally provided printed on cards or in the errata. Fantasy Flight have done a great job with this game.

So, what makes this game good, what do I enjoy?
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Character Generation Example One – The Laundry


So I’m going to create a character for The Laundry, one of my favourite recent fictional universes. For those who are unaware The Laundry is a series of books by Charles Stross that tells the story of various individuals (and entities) who work for The Laundry; the part of the British Civil Service responsible for handling the Mythos and related events and keeping the Things that live in the angles of space & time from eating our world.

The Laundry is published by our friends at Cubicle 7 and uses a variant of the BRP system that standard CoC uses.

Much like traditional Call of Cthulhu your characters are drawn from a number of backgrounds and are not necessarily equipped for the role of fighting back the horrors of the Mythos; however it is now your job and your life, soul and pension all depend on how well you do your job.

Full character generation after the break point.

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