Trudvang Chronicles


Greetings Programs.

It’s been a while, my fault entirely, I’ve recently started a new job and have been taking some time to adjust to the role and find a new routine etc.  Now that I am in a slightly better position I thought it high time that I put something new onto this blog.  With that in mind we’re going to talk about the Trudvang Chronicles by Riot Minds, this is a game I backed on kickstarter and (like all Kickstarter RPGs that are not 7th Sea) was delivered late.

Before we get started I have a couple of things to say about the Kickstarter:

First up it was delivered late, which I am obviously not a fan of, but that seems to be the norm for RPG Kickstarters, I haven’t backed a single one (other than 7th Sea Second Ed) that delivered anything on time.  It’s one of the main reasons I stay away from the platform for the most part, you often get a better deal waiting for the retail release.

Second, Riot Minds did not release the PDFs to the backers until the physical books were shipping, this means that errors that may have been spotted have been missed and I really don’t understand the reasoning for keeping backers in the dark as to the PDFs.

Third, we were promised that they would be launching some kind of website full of online resources for Trudvang along with the main books.  This has not happened.

Fourth, there is a GM screen included but it is printed on very flimsy stock and won’t stand up on it’s own.

Fifth, none of the PDFs are bookmarked, this is a massive oversight and makes using them much harder than it should be.

Finally, they shipping standard was terrible, books are shipped simply wrapped in 3mm of cardboard and so almost all backers have received some damage to their slipcase and/or books.

That said, the books are beautiful (assuming they are not damaged) and the game looks really interesting.

So with no further ado, lets have a look at the game shall we.
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Our Continuing Mission

“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship <i>Enterprise</i> its 5 year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldy go where no man has gone before.”

This introduction is one of the most recognisable in TV history, even more so when it’s updated for the Next Generation where the 5 Year mission is replaced with a more general ‘Continuing Mission’ and the no man has gone before is replaced with with the gender neutral ‘where no one has gone before’. In either instance the thing this intro tells you right from the start is that the star of the show is the Starship Enterprise. The crew are important but more important is how each character connect to and through the Enterprise.

In this blog post we’re going to take a look at the role that the Starship plays in the new Star Trek Adventures RPG from our friends at Modiphius.

Star Trek Adventures Bridge Scene

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To Boldy Go

Greeting Programs.

It has been some time since I wrote any content for this page, I have been super busy recently and have not had much time to play X-Wing, which makes me sad. So this post is going to be more like other older posts, we’re going to take a look at an RPG, talk about it and maybe even do some example character generation.

Which game are you going to look at Steve, I hear no one ask….

Well, this game is a property that has had several successful roleplaying games, minis battle games and other game based media outings for pretty much as long as gaming has been possible. What is it? Well these are the voyages…..

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7th Sea 2nd Edition – Part One


You know, for about a second I considered writing this entire post in ‘Pirate Speech’ but then I realised that would be amazingly annoying.

Anyway, onto the fun part.

We’re going to have a look at 7th Sea (2nd Ed).

Now I backed 7th Sea on Kickstarter, which was something I really had to think about as I have not had good experiences with RPG Kickstarters and have proclaimed on more than one occasion how ‘done’ I am with crowdfunding.  However I decided to give it another go and backed 3 projects that I was interested in, one is now 6 months late and has no updated or estimated delivery date, the other is looking like its going to miss its delivery date completely but as there is practically no communications from that project, who knows.  This one however not only delivered everything it promised but it did so early.  Well done to John Wick & friends.

Quick side note, this has not in anyway restored my faith in crowd funding as a method for producing RPGs, a 33% success rate is really low.

Anyway, on to the game.

For those who do not know, 7th Sea is a game of swashbuckling high adventure that takes place in a fantasy version of Renaissance Europe, most of the world is familiar enough to us that a reader can pick up easily enough what the feel of each of the countries is.  However there is a big difference, that difference is Sorcery, in the world of 7th Sea magic exists and is practicied if not widley then certainly moderately.  Each nation has its own flavour of sorcery and they are all pretty awesome.

The original 7th Sea used a very similar roll & keep system to the Legend of the Five Rings games, not really surprising given that both were AEG games.  The new edition uses a much more stripped down and narrativly aware system that I will talk about in some detail later.

I am going to look, in detail, at the new system changes but before we can do that we need an example character to use in the system examples.  So, part one of this post is going to cover creating a character and part two will look at the system.

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Fantasy AGE

Fantasy AGE




Ok, so I am sure that you are all watching (or have watched at least one episode) of Titansgrave over on Geek & Sundry.  If not I can recommend checking it out.  I am certainly enjoying it.

For those who don’t know and don’t want to check it out, Titansgrave is the RPG show being put out by Wil Wheaton and Geek & Sundry as part of the Tabletop Indiegogo campaign.  It is being run using the Green Ronin Fantasy AGE system, which you will be at least a little bit familiar with if you have played the Dragon Age RPG.

So, what I’m going to do here is talk a bit about Fantasy AGE and do an example character creation for it.  This post is based entirely on the PDF copy of Fantasy AGE as the print copy is not available in the UK at the moment.

Fantasy AGE is designed as a generic system that can be used to run a game in pretty much any setting you want, it also seems to be easy enough to pick up that it’s a good system for newbies.  As the name would suggest there is a heavy lean towards Fantasy settings and it would be interesting to see a SciFi focused version of this in the future, maybe AGE of Science! The exclamation point is required. 🙂

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Character Generation Example Five – Shadowrun 5th Edition

SR5 Logo Full
SR5 Logo Full

Welcome back my few and loyal viewers.  Today we will be looking at Shadowrun 5th Edition, now I have a chequered history with this game, generally I’m in the camp of ‘Get your damn elves out of my Cyberpunk’ but I was encouraged by a friend to try out the Shadowrun Returns computer game on my Android table.  I found that the RPG Game was good fun and was prepared to give the new edition of the game a try…

I was pleasantly surprised, the 5th edition rule set has eliminated a lot of the completely overkill dice pool from previous editions, I liked the new rules surrounding wireless devices and networks and while still on the crunch heavy side of the rules spectrum it looked like it might play well.  Now at least two of my friends are die-hard fans of the universe and when I offered to run a test game it went down very well.

Currently we’re playing an ongoing campaign with GM duties being traded off between myself and another friend of mine.

So you could say that Shadowrun 5th Edition has been well accepted by the group.  Again I’m aware of the edition wars bitching going on between 4th Ed/5th Ed but ultimately I don’t care about it.  5th Edition has done very well for us recently.

So all that said lets get going….

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Character Generation Example Four – DC Adventures

DC Adventures


Good day you, I would say all but I’m not convinced that enough people read this for ‘all’ to be in any way accurate or appropriate. 🙂

Well, I’ve been thinking about what to do in my next blog post, something other than a character generation example.  I’ve got a couple of ideas that I’m fleshing out but until I get one of those more fully formed I’m going to put up another example character for another game system/genre.

This time I’m going to do a superhero. My system of choice for this is going to be DC Adventures, I’ve always been a massive DC Fan, much more so than Marvel. Not that I have anything against Marvel or think they are bad I just prefer the DC universe.

Also, I really like the DC Adventures system, it’s based on champions, it’s medium crunchy, as opposed to the deep fried crunchy peanut butter on crisp rice cakes that is HERO system, it plays fast and there are some really sensible checks and balances built into the game.

Lets get going shall we…

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Character Generation Example Three – The Secret of Zir’A

ziranIt’s character gen hour here on the ubermunchkin channel.  Today we’re going to do a  character for The Secret of Zir’An, this game is one of my top under appreciated by the mainstream games, it’s a world that has lived through cycle upon cycle of building civilisations only to seem them fall into conflict and the world tear itself into ruin.

The kicker for the game though is that at the end of the last ‘Endwar’ the gods appeared to the various races in the world and told them that this was the last time they would let the cycle restart, that if the races build up to another endwar then they will let the world burn.  They then left the world and have not been seen or heard of since, although some people still offer worship and observe their holidays etc.

The world of Zir’An is a world of magic and technology, empires, politics and war.  There are beings of incredible power and evil intent (the Thanes) and there are groups of nations that attempt to stand against them, all the while hoping that the world doesn’t edge towards another cycle of war and destruction.  Magic can be found everywhere, it’s used in construction and study, adventure and war; the technologies of the world are rushing towards the industrial revolution, there are airships, guns, trains and recently discovered electricity.

Now the default assumption for the game is that you’re going to play some kind of treasure hunting adventurer who plunder ruins for relics of the previous cycles.  There are loads of options available within that remit and lots of ways you can extend it, for example I run a game where the PCs are members of a group called The Bulwark who work in the shadows to ensure the Treaty Nations (an alliance of powerful nations who hold the line against the Thane and their forces of darkness) stay strong.

This being an example I’m going to go with the default adventurer type idea.

Lets get started….
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Character Generation Example Two – Mindjammer

Right, continuing my current theme of examples of character generation I’m going to move on to the second in the series.

MindjammerI am a total sucker for a decent piece of Science Fiction, especially interstellar transhuman sci fi with awesome sounding tech.  So I’m going to create a character for Mindjammer, I’m going to go with something that’s perhaps a little more at the complex end of the spectrum (not sure for certain as I only got the book last week, but we shall see) and create a Sentient Starship.

Normally character generation for FATE games like this is best done with multiple people because the phase aspects naturally tend to fall out of conversations with the other players.  In this case I’m doing the character gen solo so I’m going to take a couple of liberties in the phase part of the character generation.

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