X-Wing Ships: The Kihraxz Fighter

Greetings Programs,

It has been some time since my last post, I am afraid that I have been busy.  But busy in a good way, lots of gaming (of the Table Top RPG kind) happening at our place means less time to put these little musing together.  But fear not, I have not forgotten you all.

In fact today we are going to take a look at a Scum faction ship that doesn’t get loads of play but remains in an interesting place and is one that I regularly enjoy fielding as part of Scum squads.

That ship is the Kihraxz Fighter, technically a ‘Light’ fighter produced during the reign of the Galactic Empire by the Black Sun Cartel, the Kihraxz was often heavily modified by its individual pilots meaning there really isn’t any such thing as a ‘stock’ Kihraxz.


Lets take a look at the Stat Line.

Attack: 3
Agility: 2
Hull: 4
Shields: 1

Upgrades: Elite Pilot Talent (Depending on Pilot Skill), Modification, Missile, Illicit.

Actions: Focus & Target Lock.

And the Dial:


Lets take a look at that all shall we.  The base stat line isn’t bad, the ship has a solid 3 Attack Dice backed up with 2 Agility.  This is basically the same as the T-65 X-Wing with the same advantages and drawbacks, trading damage for evade is often good in X-Wing as the Red dice have a slightly higher chance of rolling a hit or crit than the Greens do of rolling an evade.  When it comes to hits the ship is 4 Hull & 1 Shield as opposed to the X-Wings 3 Hull & 2 Shields, same number of total hits but a shield is worth slightly more than a hull due to its ability to absorb a crit.

So that base stat line isn’t bad and the Kihraxz is about a point cheaper than an X-Wing.

Actions wise there isn’t anything special here, it can Target Lock and Focus, no boost or barrell roll, but again this is the same for the X-Wing.

Upgrades then.  Ok so a Missile is a nice option to have, there are some really nice missiles in this game which can hit quite hard, especially against a low agility ship.  The Kihraxz also has an Illicit slot which opens up a number of options, the classic is Glitterstim (for that drug fueled turn of really having to stay alive).


But you could easily add a Hotshot Blaster to get that annoying TIE or A-Wing off your tail.


An interesting option though would be the Scavenger Crane (a new-ish illicit). This upgrade would allow you to get multiple uses out of an equipped missile or modification that can expire (Stealth Device for Example).


And the Dial, it’s not amazing but it’s not terrible either, there aren’t many Greens but there are a lot of Whites and very few Reds.  The ship is very manoeuvrable at low speeds (with Banks & Turns at Speed 1 & 2) but loses out on the hard turns at speed 3, however it has two K-Turn options at speed 4 & 5.  Everything on the dial suggests that this ship is a Dog Fighter rather than an Interceptor.

Cost wise, the basic generic Cartel Marauder is Pilot Skill 2 and clocks in at 20 Points (without the Elite Pilot Talent) & the Black Sun Ace is Pilot Skill 5 and costs 23 points, the Ace also adds the Elite Pilot Talent to the upgrade bar and is a pretty good deal.

There are two named pilots available and it’s worth taking a second to have a look at them and their abilities as well.

First up at Pilot Skill 6 there is Graz the Hunter:


So the first thing we note here is that he is missing the Elite Pilot Talent, but he does have a pilot ability.  “When defending, if the attacker is inside your firing arc, roll 1 additional defense dice.”.  This is pretty good actually, it makes Graz a pretty solid pilot to take on big ships like the Falcon or Decimator, you’re quite likely to have the bigger enemy ship in your firing arc as they are probably using a turret to pour fire into you and Graz’s ability pushes him up to 3 defense dice.

Second, and final named pilot, is the Pilot Skill 9 Black Sun Ace: Talonbane Cobra


He gets the Elite Pilot Talent back and is rocking a pretty powerful special ability.  “When attacking or defending, double the effect of your range bonuses.”.  Talonbane loves being at either range 3 or 1, he’s not fussed about range 2.  At Range 1 he can make a 5 dice shot & at range 3 he gets 3 agility dice, plus whatever funky stuff you kit him out with.

How do you build this thing then.  Well there are a few options.  There is a classic Talonbane build that leverages his ass kicking.

Bane of the Spacelanes (35)

Talonbane Cobra – Kihraxz Fighter (28), Outmaneuver (3), Glitterstim (2), Vectored Thrusters (2)

This build relies on the combination of Talonbanes ability and the Vectored Thrusters Modification to allow you to roll out of arc and hit hard with that primary attack.

‘Falcon Killer’ Graz (32)

Graz the Hunter – Kihraxz Fighter (25), Homing Missiles (5), Scavenger Crane (2), Guidance Chips (0)

The Falcon Killer is designed to kill big ships, the Homing Missile hits hard, especially with Guidance Chips and that 3 value Primary and the Scavenger Crane means you can potentially get more than one shot out of it, all the while Graz’s special ability is hopefully adding an extra dice of defense.

Frankly you could field both of those in one list for 67pts and still have space for a support ship.  Although I wouldn’t really run two of these ships at the moment, they are pretty nice but the Scum faction has enough options for other ships to be able to mix it up nicely.

That’s pretty much that, the Kihraxz is a bit of brawler in the dog fight but that single shield means you are crit vulnerable much earlier than other ships.

All that said however it is worth mentioning that Fantasy Flight Games have recently announced a Scum Aces pack that includes a very interesting title upgrade for the Kihraxz Fighter:


This title costs 0, reduces the cost of all equipped upgrades by 1 and allows you to equip up to 3 modifications.  This is very cool and is going to completely change the role of this ship in Scum lists & really fits with the idea that these fighters were often customised, watch this space for more updates.

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