X-Wing Ships: The M3-A

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I am working on what might be a slightly bigger than normal post about other things, also X-Wing related, but until that is done I thought I would through in another quick ship post. Sticking with the Scum faction again.

M3-A Interceptor

Today we’re going to look at the M3-A Scyk Interceptor, if the Kihraxz Fighter is the X-Wing of the Scum faction then the M3-A is absolutely the A-Wing. In the lore of the Star Wars universe the M3-A was the lightest ship produced by one of the Mandalorian ship yards (although used most often by the Hutt criminal organisations) and was famously feature limited. It featured a small, cramped cockpit, life support, an engine, a tiny shield generator, hyperdrive and a single weapon mount. The ship was in fact so small that it couldn’t even fit an astrogration computer and relied on allied ships to calculate the jump for them.

On the up side though the weapons mount on the M3-A was one of the most universal ever made and could mount almost anything as a weapons system.

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X-Wing Ships: The Kihraxz Fighter

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It has been some time since my last post, I am afraid that I have been busy.  But busy in a good way, lots of gaming (of the Table Top RPG kind) happening at our place means less time to put these little musing together.  But fear not, I have not forgotten you all.

In fact today we are going to take a look at a Scum faction ship that doesn’t get loads of play but remains in an interesting place and is one that I regularly enjoy fielding as part of Scum squads.

That ship is the Kihraxz Fighter, technically a ‘Light’ fighter produced during the reign of the Galactic Empire by the Black Sun Cartel, the Kihraxz was often heavily modified by its individual pilots meaning there really isn’t any such thing as a ‘stock’ Kihraxz.


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