X-Wing Ships: The TIE Interceptor

Greetings programs.

It’s that time again, I’m going to pick a ship and we’re going to talk about it for a bit.  This time we’re going back to the forces of the Empire to talk about an pretty iconic fighter in the Imperial fleet.

The TIE Interceptor.

We know from a previous discussion that the basic Imperial TIE Fighter is a quick, agile, light fighter.  In the lore of the universe they are mass produced short range fighters that win by numbers over firepower.  The TIE Interceptor is a different animal completely, it is one of the fastest ships in the game and packs a serious punch but it is just as fragile as the TIE Fighter.

Lets take a look at the stat line.

Attack: 3
Agility: 3
Hull: 3
Shields: 0

Upgrades: Title, Modification, Elite Pilot Talent (high skill pilots only).

Actions: Focus, Barrel Roll, Boost, Evade.

Finaly, movement dial.

Interceptor Dial

There is quite a lot to cover here isn’t there.  Lets dive right in.

The Stat Line, high agility and attack.  This Fighter is both dangerous and agile, however it can be taken off the board with a single good hit due to the 3 hull and no shields.

Upgrades, not much room for upgrades on the ship and that was a problem for quite a while.  Until the Imperial Aces expansion came out and we were given access to a TIE Interceptor Title.


The ability to assign two modifications to a ship is very cool.  You can do a number of things with this kind of ability, you can give the ship a Targeting Computer to add the target lock action.


You could add a hull upgrade or shield upgrade to add more durability/survivability.

Hull_Modification  Shield_Upgrade

Or, and this combination sees a lot of play, you can add Auto-Thrusters & Stealth Device.

Autothrusters-1-  Stealth_Device

The reason this sees so much play is down to the dramatic increase in survivability, especially against larger ships with a turret weapon.  The extra agility from the Stealth Device is great but when you combine it with the guarenteed evade from the Auto-Thrusters at Range 3+ or out of arc it becomes really good.

So that kits out the TIE Interceptor with a lot of options for modification upgrades.  The other big thing it has in its bag of tricks is that movement dial.  Straights up to speed 5, all the moves at speed 2 are green and everything else apart from the K-Turns are white, so it is fast and turns quickly, it can barrel roll into and out of position as well as evade to increase your defensive focus even more.

The obvious weakness of the TIE Interceptor however is that if you can hit it it goes down fast.

Now, lets take a look at some of the named pilots and what they bring to the table.  In this case I’m going to concentrate on the two most well known, Soontir Fel & Carnor Jax.

Soontir Fel is an Imperial Ace and might well be, apart from Darth Vader himself, the most skilled Imperial Pilot in their fleet.


As you can see, the pilot skill of 9 shows him to be a true Ace Pilot and when combined with his ability to gain a focus when he gains a stress there shouldn’t be a situation where Soontir is unable to modify his dice with at least a focus.  You can also gain multiple focus this way, as was clarified in the most recent FAQ when you use something like Rage you get to gain a focus token for each stress you are assigned.

Secondly we have Carnor Jax, Royal Guard pilot and aspiring Sith Lord.


Carnor Jax does not deal with Stress as well as Soontir but does have a cool unique ability, shutting down the ability to spend focus and evade tokens as well as stopping enemy pilots from taking those actions when at range one of you make Carnor the super troll TIE Interceptor.

Which brings up pretty much to the end of the discussion.  The TIE Interceptor is a fast, dangerous and fragile ship that is piloted by lunatics and if you can keep it alive it can deal serious hurt to the enemy ships.

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