X-Wing Ships: The JumpMaster 5000

Greetings Programs.

Once again it is the first working day of the weekly slog and I have been thinking about which of the many X-Wing ships I would like to cover next.


I figured that I would jump over the Scum faction (you remember at the start when I said I play more Empire & Scum than Rebels, that’s going to start showing in these ship write

ups) and talk about what is, for my money, one of the more interesting ships in the Scumroster.  The JumpMaster 5000, favoured ship of the fearsome bounty hunter Dengar.
One interesting thing with the Scum faction, they have the most large based ships of any faction.  The Empire has 3, the Rebels have 3, the Scum have 5.  So as we talk more about the Scum expect to see more about various large based ships.

The JumpMaster then, it’s kind of the swiss army knife of space, its got a pretty good stat line, lots of space for upgrades and a really interesting asymetrical movement profile.  It also has two of most commonly played named pilots in the Scum faction.

We’ll start, as ever, with the statline.

Attack: 2 (Turret)
Agility: 2
Hull: 5
Shields: 4

Upgrades, the JumpMaster can take 2x Torpedoes, Crew, Salvaged Astromech, Illicit as well as a Title, Modification & Elite Pilot Talent (the EPT is available to all pilots).

Actions wise the JumpMaster has Focus, Target Lock and Barrel Roll.

Before we move onto the dial let’s talk about some of the things that make this such a flexible ship.

The Crew and a Salvaged Astromech slots allow you to play with some interesting combinations.

2 Torpedo slots allows you to load substantial ordinance.

The Barrel Roll action.  Not many large based ships get this and it is incredibly useful for a number of things, most notably blocking.

Now, lets look at the dial.


Well then.  It’s a turn up for the books isn’t it.  All the greens are either straights or turns to the left.  Also, for a large base ship to have green turns at speed one and two is pretty unusual as well.  It’s all down to that huge, offset, engine, it means going left is easy but right is harder.

Also there is a speed 4 K-Turn and a speed 2 Segnors Loop (S-Loop), which is a white move if you are going left.  The S-Loop move is basically the same as a bank at the indicated speed, however you rotate your ship 180 degrees at the end, so you end up facing the direction you came from.

I’m not completely sure but I think this might be the only white S-Loop in the game & it makes a huge difference.

Even without the easy left hand turns the dial is still very good, with few red moves.

Add into that the ability to do a Barrel Roll and this ship can move all over the board in a way that is very hard to predict.  It’s only achilles heel is stress, if you can get it stressed then you know that it’s either going straight or turning left to clear it.

How do we fly it then?

Well there are 3 main schools of thought here.

First Up the Dengar Special.  This build uses Dengar as the pilot with the punishing one title (the most expensive title in the game so far) and a smattering of upgrades, depending on your preference.  This usually ends up costing around 50 – 60 points in total so it is really something you need to build around.


Dengar’s pilot ability, when paired with a ship that can turn very quickly, makes him extremely dangerous.


For a while the Dengaroo build was really popular, where you pair a heavy build Dengar with a stripped down Manaroo and use the synergy between their abilities to kick serious ass.

Secondly there is the Manaroo build, this build pairs Manaroo with any of a number of other pilots in a combination of ships.


It works based on using Manaroo’s special ability to increase effectiveness of another ship, generally you in this style of build you either use Manaroo as a blocker, using that cool dial and the ability to barrel roll to impede your opponents freedom of movement or you keep Manaroo way far from the action and try to avoid getting shot.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Finally there is the Triple JumpMasters.  This list uses the fact that the basic contracted scout pilot is only 25 points, so you can field 3 of them for 75 points and still have room for upgrades.


Having three large based ships lets you really control the field of engagement, you can block and move all over the place and as your ships are all turrets you don’t care too much about facing.  Add in some interesting things like anti-pursuit lasers (which trigger when someone crashes into you) and feedback array (which allows you take damage and deal damage to those around you).

The conclusion then.  The JumpMaster is a great ship, sturdy, fast, quick on the turns (as long as you go left) and flexible.  It can be flown a number of ways with a lot of different styles.  As is now tradition, I’ll show you a detailed version of one of the builds I’ve flown, in this case it’s Dengar.

Dengar (53): JumpMaster 5000 (33), Determination (1), Bossk (2), R5-P8 (3), Glitterstim (2), Punishing One (12)

The reasoning here is that at 53pts Dengar really needs to be hitting what he is shooting at, Bossk & Glitterstim help with that.  R5-P8 deals pretty reliable damage to people attacking you out of arc, if they are dumb enough to shoot you in arc then you can really unload on them via Dengar’s ability.  Determination may seem like a slightly odd choice but Dengar really relies on his high pilot skill to get position and shoot first, there are some nasty pilot critical effects that drop your pilot skill and stop you from shooting, determination stops them.

So there you have it.  The JumpMaster 5000.

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