X-Wing Ships: The Scum Y-Wing

Greetings programs.  Welome to part 3 of my look at the basic ships of the X-Wing Minis game.  Having previously looked at both the Imperial TIE Fighter and the Rebel X-Wing it is now time to take a look at the third faction in the game, Scum & Villany.  This faction is actually quite different to the others, for starters it wasn’t in the games original release and it has no ships in the basic set, so if you want to play Scum the initial investment is actually a little higher than the other factions as you have to buy the base set and then a few Scum expansions.

What makes the Scum stand appart from the other two factions is their combination of weird ships and risk based upgrades.  The Scum faction has more large base ships than either of the other factions and it doesn’t really have a signature small base fighter, one of the joys of the Scum faction is that they can field some really weird combinations.

There is some good news though, there is this great expansion called Most Wanted which includes 2x Z95 Headhunters, 1x Y-Wing and a number of ship cards to allow you to use existing ships with this faction.  All told, this is one of the best value boxes I’ve seen in the game.

Without an obvious faction default ship the question is, what do we talk about?
The answer is the Y-Wing.  This ship is available cross faction for both the Rebels and the Scum.  However we’re going to look specifically at the Scum variant here.

The Y-Wing, this ship was the workhorse of most space battles for a really long time, in the lore of the Star Wars universe the Y-Wing has been in service since the clone wars, it is now often overlooked in place of the X-Wing, A-Wing and B-Wing star fighters but the Y-Wing should not be under estimated.  It may not be as quick or manoeuvrable as the newer ships but it can mount a turret weapon and a reasonable amount of ordnance; its also a tough old ship.

Lets have a look at the ship stat line:

Attack: 2
Agility: 1
Hull: 5
Shields: 3

Upgrades wise, the Scum variant of the Y-Wing can take a Turret, 2 x Torpedos, Salvaged Astromech, Elite Pilot Talent (Based only available on higher pilot skill pilots) as well as the Modification and Title slots.

Actions wise it has a Focus and Target Lock, pretty basic but the Target Lock is a nice thing to see here.

Finaly, movement dial.


The number and type of available moves is actually the same as the X-Wing, the Y-Wing just has a harder time with them, with the 4 Straight and the 3 Hard Turns being Red as well as the 4 K-Turn, it also only has two green moves (the 1 & 2 Straights) available for clearing stress.

Cost wise, the Pilot Skill 2 Syndicate Thug costs 18 points and the top tier Scum Y-Wing pilot Kavil, costs 24pts.

So, from that cost you could fly a few of these in a wing and that is actually a thing you could do, the flexibility offered by the Y-Wings load out allows you to do a lot of different things with them.  Also, the Scum Y-Wings especially have a few upgrades available that allow you to offset the Y-Wings downsides and focus on it’s strengths.

We’ll now have a look at those upgrades as well as some of the general things you can do with a Y-Wing.

First up, the title card.


This card changes how the turret in the Y-Wing works, normally a Turret weapon allows you to attack any ship in range regardless of if they are inside or outside your primary fire arc.  When you equip this title however you cannot attack outside your fire arc with your equipped turret, however you can shoot both your main gun and your turret weapon at the same target.  For example if you were to equip an Ion Cannon then you could shoot with your main gun and with your Ion Cannon; assuming you hit with the Ion Cannon you know where the enemy ship is going and can continue to chase it.  The cost for this card is nicely balanced at zero, it gives you a benefit but it also adds a restriction so zero cost seems about right.

Second, Bomb Loadout.


This is not a title, but it does change how the ship plays, it’s a zero point card, takes a Torpedo Slot and allows you to equip a bomb upgrade. This means you can configure your Y-Wing to drop bombs on your enemies as you fly around the board.

Third, the Salvaged Astromech, you probably remember from the X-Wing post that the Rebels Astromech slot allows them to equip a lot of Astromechs that provide them with extra abilities.  The Scum however are sticking with their slightly weird and crazy theme, their Salvaged Astromechs are often repurposed and performing a task they were not built for.

I’ve tried out various options on the Y-Wing and for general all round use I recommend the Unhinged Astromech.

It costs only 1 point and it makes all 3 Speed moves Green.  This immediately gets you past the Y-Wings two biggest problems, the Red turns at speed 3 and the lack of options for clearing stress.  Equipping this upgrade card suddenly turns your Y-Wing into a much more capable dog fighter.

Add this all together and for 24pts you can have a Y-Wing, Unhinged Astromech, Ion Cannon Turret and the BTL-A4 title.  So if you had enough Y-Wings you could field 4 of these and still have 4pts wiggle room.

Or you can go with a higher skilled pilot with some tricks.  My personal favourite Scum Y-Wing build is this one.

Kavil (33) Y-Wing (24), Dorsal Turret (3), Unhinged Astromech (1), Veteran Instincts (1), Engine Upgrade (4)

Kavil has the pilot ability “When attacking a ship outside your firing arc roll 1 additional attack die”, the Dorsal Turret is from the Ghost expansion (we might look at that later) but it is basically a 2 Dice turret at range 1-2, but it gets an extra die at range 1, so with Kavil at range 1 you get 4 dice from that turret.  The Veteran Instincts give him Pilot Skill 9 and the Engine Upgrade allows for a boost.  For 33 points.  You could also change the Veteran Instincts to Push the Limit as you now have a good way of clearing Stress, but that pushes the cost up.

If you wanted to field all Y-Wings I would suggest something like this.

This gives you an Ace Pilot to use as the basis of your squad.  Then you add two of the following:

Total cost is 89 Points, you still have 11 points of upgrades, you could add Torpedoes to Kavil, you could add extra munitions/torpedos to the Syndicate Thugs, upgrade other elite pilots talents etc.  It gives you some nice wiggle room.

As you can see, the Y-Wing, while not as manoeuvrable as the newer ships is both cheaper and more robust than a lot of other ships.  My take on this is that the Scum version of the Y-Wing has enough tricks and weird options that you can make it into a very competitive ship.

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