X-Wing Ships: The Scum Y-Wing

Greetings programs.  Welome to part 3 of my look at the basic ships of the X-Wing Minis game.  Having previously looked at both the Imperial TIE Fighter and the Rebel X-Wing it is now time to take a look at the third faction in the game, Scum & Villany.  This faction is actually quite different to the others, for starters it wasn’t in the games original release and it has no ships in the basic set, so if you want to play Scum the initial investment is actually a little higher than the other factions as you have to buy the base set and then a few Scum expansions.

What makes the Scum stand appart from the other two factions is their combination of weird ships and risk based upgrades.  The Scum faction has more large base ships than either of the other factions and it doesn’t really have a signature small base fighter, one of the joys of the Scum faction is that they can field some really weird combinations.

There is some good news though, there is this great expansion called Most Wanted which includes 2x Z95 Headhunters, 1x Y-Wing and a number of ship cards to allow you to use existing ships with this faction.  All told, this is one of the best value boxes I’ve seen in the game.

Without an obvious faction default ship the question is, what do we talk about?
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X-Wing Ships: The T-65 X-Wing


Having written a post about the first classic small ship of the X-Wing Minis game (see the previous post on the subject of the TIE Fighter), I feel it is now time to talk about the Rebel basic small ship, the T-65 X-Wing.  This is the original Rebel era X-Wing Fighter, not the shiny new T-70 X-Wing from The Force Awakens, I will cover that later.

In the previous post I mentioned the costs, actions, upgrades and pilot abilities that you find on these cards.  I’m not going to list them all again here, so if you are not familiar with the cards and actions then I would recommend you at least scan the TIE Fighter article.

Anyway, on to the T-65 X-Wing.

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X-Wing Ships: The TIE Fighter

tiefighter2-fatheadGreetings Programs.

It’s that time of year where I feel the need to publish something to my blog once again.  This time we’re going to use the fact that this is my blog and my platform to talk about something I’m really interested in at the moment.  That thing being the X-Wing minis game.

You may remember that I have previously written a couple of posts about the X-Wing & what I like about it.  What I’ve decided I’m going to do here is talk about some of the things that are interesting me in the X-Wing game.
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