X-Wing Miniatures – Wargaming without the Hassle


As I mentioned in a previous post, I have recently gotten quite into the X-Wing miniatures games from Fantasy Flight & have been enjoying playing matches with friends of mine on and off since the start of this year.

As a somewhat latecomer to this party I have been very impressed by how simple the game is to pick up and play, the rules are pretty easy to learn and any special exceptions are generally provided printed on cards or in the errata. Fantasy Flight have done a great job with this game.

So, what makes this game good, what do I enjoy?
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Exalted 3rd Edition



Hello there my friends, it is I the author of this blog adjacent internet entity.  I have been away for some time, some due to personal reasons (dealing with the death of a good friend) others due to simple laziness and also because I have been busy playing games with my friends.  (Whom I blame for my new and dangerous addiction to X-Wing Miniatures).

However, today I am going to talk a bit about Exalted 3rd Edition.  I’ve always loved the idea of Exalted, it is set up to tell a really interesting story about flawed beings with the power kill gods (which was their original purposes) and reshape their world.

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