So, I’ve mentioned this to a few friends of mine and think I’m going to mention it here as well. I watched the new Supergirl trailer/preview, if you have not seen it then I would really recommend spending 6 minutes or so watching the preview. Done that?  Good. So in that whole trailer the one thing that impressed me most is this scene right here: Supergirl We have all seen this scene a bunch of times, Clark Kent in the alley takes off his glasses and rips open his shirt to reveal the icon S and flies off to save, well everyone really, he is Superman.  So, what is it about this couple of seconds of video here that impressed me so much? It’s part of the wider debate about the role of women in Comics and Superheroes in general, there is a tenancy, especially in TV to over-sexualise pretty much everything and this kind of scene would have been easy to turn into something sexual.  But they haven’t, she looks like a serious badass who is off to save her city, there is no lingering slo-mo, no wonderbra, just a badass lady who is going to go and do badass things to bad people. I am now really excited and interested in seeing this show.

2 thoughts on “Supergirl

  1. Have you been watching Agent Carter? Probably the best comic-book adaptation with a women in the lead, and vastly superior to Agents of Shield (IMHO). If Supergirl is half as good as that, it will be worth watching.

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