Character Generation Example Five – Shadowrun 5th Edition

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Welcome back my few and loyal viewers.  Today we will be looking at Shadowrun 5th Edition, now I have a chequered history with this game, generally I’m in the camp of ‘Get your damn elves out of my Cyberpunk’ but I was encouraged by a friend to try out the Shadowrun Returns computer game on my Android table.  I found that the RPG Game was good fun and was prepared to give the new edition of the game a try…

I was pleasantly surprised, the 5th edition rule set has eliminated a lot of the completely overkill dice pool from previous editions, I liked the new rules surrounding wireless devices and networks and while still on the crunch heavy side of the rules spectrum it looked like it might play well.  Now at least two of my friends are die-hard fans of the universe and when I offered to run a test game it went down very well.

Currently we’re playing an ongoing campaign with GM duties being traded off between myself and another friend of mine.

So you could say that Shadowrun 5th Edition has been well accepted by the group.  Again I’m aware of the edition wars bitching going on between 4th Ed/5th Ed but ultimately I don’t care about it.  5th Edition has done very well for us recently.

So all that said lets get going….

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