Character Generation Example Four – DC Adventures

DC Adventures


Good day you, I would say all but I’m not convinced that enough people read this for ‘all’ to be in any way accurate or appropriate. 🙂

Well, I’ve been thinking about what to do in my next blog post, something other than a character generation example.  I’ve got a couple of ideas that I’m fleshing out but until I get one of those more fully formed I’m going to put up another example character for another game system/genre.

This time I’m going to do a superhero. My system of choice for this is going to be DC Adventures, I’ve always been a massive DC Fan, much more so than Marvel. Not that I have anything against Marvel or think they are bad I just prefer the DC universe.

Also, I really like the DC Adventures system, it’s based on champions, it’s medium crunchy, as opposed to the deep fried crunchy peanut butter on crisp rice cakes that is HERO system, it plays fast and there are some really sensible checks and balances built into the game.

Lets get going shall we…

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Character Generation Example Three – The Secret of Zir’A

ziranIt’s character gen hour here on the ubermunchkin channel.  Today we’re going to do a  character for The Secret of Zir’An, this game is one of my top under appreciated by the mainstream games, it’s a world that has lived through cycle upon cycle of building civilisations only to seem them fall into conflict and the world tear itself into ruin.

The kicker for the game though is that at the end of the last ‘Endwar’ the gods appeared to the various races in the world and told them that this was the last time they would let the cycle restart, that if the races build up to another endwar then they will let the world burn.  They then left the world and have not been seen or heard of since, although some people still offer worship and observe their holidays etc.

The world of Zir’An is a world of magic and technology, empires, politics and war.  There are beings of incredible power and evil intent (the Thanes) and there are groups of nations that attempt to stand against them, all the while hoping that the world doesn’t edge towards another cycle of war and destruction.  Magic can be found everywhere, it’s used in construction and study, adventure and war; the technologies of the world are rushing towards the industrial revolution, there are airships, guns, trains and recently discovered electricity.

Now the default assumption for the game is that you’re going to play some kind of treasure hunting adventurer who plunder ruins for relics of the previous cycles.  There are loads of options available within that remit and lots of ways you can extend it, for example I run a game where the PCs are members of a group called The Bulwark who work in the shadows to ensure the Treaty Nations (an alliance of powerful nations who hold the line against the Thane and their forces of darkness) stay strong.

This being an example I’m going to go with the default adventurer type idea.

Lets get started….
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Character Generation Example Two – Mindjammer

Right, continuing my current theme of examples of character generation I’m going to move on to the second in the series.

MindjammerI am a total sucker for a decent piece of Science Fiction, especially interstellar transhuman sci fi with awesome sounding tech.  So I’m going to create a character for Mindjammer, I’m going to go with something that’s perhaps a little more at the complex end of the spectrum (not sure for certain as I only got the book last week, but we shall see) and create a Sentient Starship.

Normally character generation for FATE games like this is best done with multiple people because the phase aspects naturally tend to fall out of conversations with the other players.  In this case I’m doing the character gen solo so I’m going to take a couple of liberties in the phase part of the character generation.

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Character Generation Example One – The Laundry


So I’m going to create a character for The Laundry, one of my favourite recent fictional universes. For those who are unaware The Laundry is a series of books by Charles Stross that tells the story of various individuals (and entities) who work for The Laundry; the part of the British Civil Service responsible for handling the Mythos and related events and keeping the Things that live in the angles of space & time from eating our world.

The Laundry is published by our friends at Cubicle 7 and uses a variant of the BRP system that standard CoC uses.

Much like traditional Call of Cthulhu your characters are drawn from a number of backgrounds and are not necessarily equipped for the role of fighting back the horrors of the Mythos; however it is now your job and your life, soul and pension all depend on how well you do your job.

Full character generation after the break point.

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Rarely Used Blog Updated in Shocking Event

Well it’s been quite a while since I did anything with this blog. I think it’s time that I did something about that.

So I’m going to add a new post in a bit, it’s going to be about Roleplaying, specifically I’m going to cover of some example of character generation with a few systems that I’m fond of and possibly a few new games that I’ve recently acquired.

This post basically exists as a note to say “I’m not dead” and that new content is coming.