Lamentations of the Flame Princess – The Sorcerer of the Silver Mountain

I recently purchased a copy of Lamentations of the Flame Princess and wanted to run a game for my friends to see if they enjoyed it.  So I wrote up an introductory adventure and ran it, it seemed to go really well so here is that adventure reprinted in all it’s glory for anyone else to use should they wish.
You can do anything you want with this but if you’re going to publish it anywhere I would ask that you attribute me as the source.

The Sorcerer of the Silver Mountain

The town of Sunderstone (a mining town at the base of The Silver Mountain) begins to suffer from a number of unexplained incidents, peoples skin gets a colour change, fish and other live stock change and mutate and eventually people begin to be seriously affected.  The initial investigation will lead the players to the water supply.
Alchemical run off from a sorcerers laboratory in the upper reaches of the mountain has tainted the water supply and is leading to all kinds of strange effects.  The players will be offered a substantial sum of monies to discover the source of this contamination and deal with it.
The twist is that the sorcerer whose lab is leaking the contaminants is dead and has been dead for several days.  His lab is now populated by mindless alchemical oozes and constructs acting on their last orders.  It also has a lot of information relating to spell research, magic & potions and some valuable materials.
The Silver Mountain
Named by unimaginative mining prospectors The Silver Mountain earned it’s moniker by virtue of the large rich silver deposits that were found here.  The easiest to access silver deposits are long mined out now but there remains a substantial amount of silver ore as well as other ore types (and less common substances) layered through out the mountain, this valuable resource has led to the building of a town around the base of the mountain that supports the miners who work up in the mountain itself.

Sunderstone Town

Sunderstone Town sits comfortably in a hollow at the base of the Silver Mountain, it gets it’s name for the large rock split in two by lightning that sits in the town square.  It is a modest size town built up around the mines dug into the mountains and is a known for its ore exports, smith-craft and availability of cheap labour.  The industry is driven by a large fast flowing mountain river that is used to drive water wheels that pump the smiths bellows and provide water for the town itself.
Sunderstone has no farm land near it and relies heavily on imported food, without regular supply caravans they could survive for at most a week before they ran out.
Trade is frequent though as people come from all over the land to purchase metals and ores as well as to commission their famous smiths for all manner of projects.
Less well known but still an important part of the town’s economy is the trade in interesting/unusual reagents that are used in by Wizards in some of their experiments, this trade is kept quiet by the local miners and wholesalers but it does bring in quite a lot of money for those involved.
The Sorcerers Workshop
About two thirds of the way up the mountain, way above any current mining activity, is the workshop of Grimland Felgorth a sorcerer obsessed with potions and alchemy.  Grimland has been ensconced here for years working on his alchemical experiments and theories.  Over the course of these years he became first reclusive and then flat out mad.  Years ago he used to pilgrim down the mountain to purchase supplies from the town however he soon grew tired of that and made a deal with a local trader to have him deliver supplies to a specified location where one of Grimlands constructs would them pick them up and carry them to the workshop.
The workshop itself consists of a small stone and wood residence built on a plateau that leads into a cave system, where Grimland did his experimenting & research.
Just Before They Arrive
It’s up to the group to determine how they end up in Sunderstone, perhaps they signed on as caravan guards and ended up here, maybe they came looking for a craftsman to commission for a special project, whatever the reason it doesn’t really matter just so long as they are there.
Several days ago Grimland, the sorcerer whose workshop is the root cause of all these problems, had a heart attack and died.  Unfortunately he didn’t have the grace to die quietly in his sleep he instead died flailing around in his laboratory and his staggering around and death throes caused several alchemical preparations that shouldn’t mix to do just that.  The alchemical run-off trickled down the corridors and was absorbed by the moulds and lichens that inhabit the cave walls, this caused them to grow in size and become mobile.
After the slime moulds the run-off eventually made its way to the cave entrance and trickled into the mountain river that runs past the workshop building.  From here it entered the water supply of Sunderstone itself.
The adventure will start with the PCs having just arrived in the town and the concentration of alchemical materials in the water supply reaching a concentration where it can start of effect people.
Upon Arrival
Read the following aloud.
“Sunderstone Town, famous across the land for its ores, metals and craftsmen; sitting nestled at the base of the Silver Mountain tapping the fast flowing mountain river to drive its water wheels it looks impressive, although the thick cloud of smoke hanging over the various smelteries and smithies ensures it could never be described as picturesque.
The town is walled and gated, the walls made of thick worked stone and the gates of metal dulled with age but still obviously strong.  At the moment the gates stand open and you can see the bustling auction houses and traders markets in the town itself.”
What the PCs do when they arrive here is entirely up to them, they can re-provision and buy supplies here, costs are as per a city but any food stuffs are 25% more expensive due to the lack of farm land.
Town Layout
The town has, broadly, 4 districts, the markets & auction houses, the residential areas, the smelteries and smithies and finally the cartels district.
The Markets
The Markets are where regular people can buy wares, there are trinkets, weapons, armour all kinds of stuff, pretty much anything forged or cast can be found here.  The markets is where you will also find inns The Slagged Heap and The Tempered Blade, The Slagged Heap is located in the markets themselves and serves market traders, caravan guards and workers, The Tempered Blade is attached to the Cartel district and caters to the richer residents of Sunderstone.
In the centre of the markets sits the Sundered Stone, a huge (easily 14ft tall) rough stone sphere that has been split in half, the scorch marks and strange markings on the stone suggest that a powerful bolt of lightning struck this stone some time ago.  In years past someone has decided to attach two large tasteless fountains to the top of each half of the stone.
The Auction Houses
The province of serious traders, the auction houses are where you can trade in bulk with the cartel itself.
The Residential Areas
Houses in Sunderstone are made of stone and generally very well built, they range for small 2 bed places up to much larger 5 bed houses.  Sunderstone architecture tends towards the functional and block shaped.
The Smelteries & Smithies
Lining the river as it comes crashing down out of the mountains are the smelteries and smithies, using water wheels to drive massive bellows and lift industrial sized hammers this district is noisy, hot and dangerous but it is where the money is made.
The Cartel District
This is where the Cartel (the merchant rulers of Sunderstone) make their homes, with large sprawling mansions, private gardens, fountains and other features this district is beautiful to behold and obviously the domain of the very wealthy.  Anyone attempting to enter will be stopped by the city guards and questioned as to why they are there and what they want.
Below is a list of events that can be used to get the PCs involved, they can be run in just about any order but it makes sense to run the Mutant Fish Attack first.  These events should serve to get the PCs attention.
There are several choices for how to introduce them to the current events.  As this adventure is designed to be run for starting/low level characters and the players might need to get a handle on the combat system I’m going to assume a combat encounter.
Mutant Fish Attack
Wherever the PCs are they hear a scream of pain followed by a splash and a grinding sound.  Hopefully they should rush to the scene.
One of the large water wheels, one that is used to both bring water into the towns central well and to drive the fountains that adorn the sundered stone, has stopped turning and the PCs will arrive just in time to see a man fall off the platform at the top of the wheel.  They will see large very strangely coloured fish with very sharp teeth leaping from the river and riding the water wheel to the top.  The fish continue to attack workers, they are utterly mad have been poisoned beyond instinct by the alchemical toxins in the water.
If the PCs seem reluctant to intervene then have one of the richer merchants call out “A silver piece for each man saved or beast killed.”, the residents of Sunderstone are rich (wealthy from their mines) or something similar to motivate them.
Mutant Fish
Armour Class: 12
Hit Dice: 1/2 (3)
Movement: 60′ (Swim only)
Number of Attacks: 1 (Bite, +1 to Hit)
Damage: 1D4
There are (2 + 1/PC & Retainer) fish in the attack.  The point of the attack is not to pose a deadly threat but to give an introduction to what is happening as well as a chance to brush up on the combat system.  If the PCs look to be in serious trouble feel free to have town militia join the fray and back them up.
Assuming they see off the attack the merchants will thank them and insist on the providing them with a place to stay for the night as well as setting up a tab at the local inn for them.
Don’t Drink The Water
One of the PCs (Randomly determine which) drink a beverage prepared from the tainted water.  Upon consuming it have them roll 1D6 and consult the table below:
Dice Roll Colour Skin Changes To
1 Bright Blue
2 Burnt Orange
3 Pale Green
4 Indigo
5 Bright Pink
6 Roll Twice and combine the colours*
*Ignore this result if rolled a second time.
The Exploding Smithy
Walking past one of the smithies have the PCs make a perception check, anyone who succeeds hears a worrying sizzling noise from the inside. If they act quickly they will spot the smiths assistant out the front quenching iron pins in the water trough, as he does the water sizzles loudly (more so than you would expect) and the pins can be seen to be bubbling on the drain rack.  Without quick action enough iron will be introduced to the tainted water to cause an explosion.
Walking through the town a random NPC drops to the floor and starts to moan and wail, they arch their back and with a horrific cracking sound spurs of bone come shooting out of their chest (along each rib).
The Next Step
Hopefully this will be enough of a nudge for the PCs to want to investigate, if not then have them approached by a servant of one of the cartel, he will introduce himself as Rolin servant to Cartel Member Fendach, his master has asked the PCs to join him for a meal.  Over the meal Fendach will ask the PCs to look into these strange occurrences as they are harming business, again he will offer a substantial reward for their assistance.
Looking Around
There isn’t much more to find in the town itself, hopefully the PCs will have made the connection to the water by now.  If they ask then they will be told that the source of the river is melt water way up in the mountains.  There is one other thing that might help them, walking around the town (either preparing to leave or while doing other things) the PCs will encounter a merchant called Abnyd who is loading supplies onto a very put upon looking donkey, this is the merchant that the Sorcerer Grimland has made his deal with.
Either way you should make sure the PCs get enough clues and information to point them to higher in the mountain.
The Ascent
You can make climbing the mountain as easy or challenging as you like, I wouldn’t suggest making it too dangerous though as the path up the mountain has been used by a fairly average trader with a stubborn mule.  After about an hours worth of climb they reach a plateau, well used by the trader, there is a post that the donkey can be tied to as well as a water trough (filled from a smaller stream) and small fire pit with a bench.  There is also a stone construct waiting for them.  The construct is not violent but will defend itself if attacked, its assigned task is to wait for the trader and then given him a purse of money in exchange for a box of goods.  It then takes the box of goods the rest of the way up the mountain.
Stone Golem
Armour Class: 20
Hit Dice: 2 (16HP)
Movement: 60′ (Slow and Steady)
Number of Attacks: 1 (Smash, +2 to Hit)
Damage: 1D6 
Morale: 12 (Mindless Automaton)
Special: Shove.  Golems (especially stone ones) are very strong and heavy, the Golem can forgo its normal damaging attack to make a shove, if it is successful the target is shoved back 10′ and knocked prone.
If the PCs choose to fight the Golem and are successful they can take the purse of monies from it (100sp) but will have to try and track its route back up the mountain.  Ideally the PCs will decide the smarter option is to follow the Golem to it’s point of origin, if they choose to do this they can follow it easily, it travels slowly and steadily up a twisting and hard to spot mountain path.  A further three hours of climbing will lead to the next plateau where the workshop and residence is.
The Workshop
Grimland’s workshop is located at on a large flat plateau located a good distance up The Silver Mountain, in years past this was part of a Dwarven outpost but it fell into disuse many years ago as the dwarves retreated below ground.  There are two distinct buildings present on the plateau.
The Residence
The smaller of the two buildings, which used to be the watch outpost itself, has been converted into a residence.  The building is a typical Dwarven squared off tower with impressive (if now old and poorly maintained) fortifications and emplacements.  There is a single main door that is locked and trapped (this was after all a fortified position).
Residence Door Trap
If the lock is opened without pressing the correct carving in the door frame then a portcullis drops over the door from the inside and a heavy guillotine blade drops down from the top of the door frame dealing 1D10 damage to whoever unlocked the door.
There are a couple of clues to this trap, firstly the door frame is carved all the way round with a number of figures and pictographs, in among these is a carving of a Dwarven Warrior, the door frame also looks to be thicker than it needs to be (even for a fortified position) and anyone looking at the top of the door frame will be able to make out the slit the blade drops from.
To disarm it all that needs to happen is for someone to press in the Dwarven Warrior figure before opening the lock.  How this is communicated to the players is up to the GM.  With close examination a PC may notice the Dwarven Warrior carving is more worn than the others, any Dwarf should have a change of spotting the trap as well (possibly with an architecture check).
Also, anyone succeeding an Architecture check when looking over the building should be given the bonus information that most Dwarven fortifications (like this one) included a second exit for the soldiers to use in an emergency.
The hidden exit for this building is about 20 metres away and concealed in a rock face.  The door can be opened from the outside, assuming the players can find it, by simply pressing it inwards.  It is not trapped as it is supposed to be used in an emergency and the Dwarves relied on it being hidden.
Inside the structure is very simple, the ground floor is one large open room with a fire pit at the centre, a small area where food is stored and a basin of water and a jug of fresh water, there are also various shelves with books and trinkets on them, mountain flowers and herbs drying over the fire, several mismatched chairs & a large stone table.  To the side just inside the door there is a hopper that contains coal.  There is also a small room towards the back of the main room that contains the toilet facilities (hole in the floor with a seat), next to this smaller room are the steps up to the top floor.
The top floor used to be where the warriors would keep watch from, the many openings have been mostly sealed up to give some privacy and protection from the elements, a bed has been assembled up here (crudely made from wood offcuts), a couple of chests that contain some personal effects more books (mostly histories but with the occasional fiction as well) and a wardrobe that contains several sets of clothing.
The Hidden Strongbox
A solid search of the chests will turn up that one of them has a false bottom that conceals a (locked) strongbox, successfully opening it reveals about 300sp in multiple denominations and currency.  This was Grimlands stash, there used to be a lot more there but he has been living off his stash for years now.
From here there is another set of stairs that take you to the top of the tower where Grimland has set up another fire pit (with a small hopper of coal up here as well) and a chair, there is a pipe resting on a pipe stand and a large cabinet next to it.  The cabinet contains Grimlands collection of rare tobaccos and pipes (all told this is worth around  500sp worth of rare tobaccos and carved pipes).  The view over the edge of the mountains from up here is spectacular and therefore priceless.
The Workshop
The other building up here is the workshop, this used to be the stores building when this was an outpost. The building is small and round and the door opens easily if pushed, the inside is where the Dwarves would store their food supplies and barrels of water etc.  If the PCs have been following the stone golem it comes to this room and sets down the box of supplies it has carried up the mountain next to a pile of similar empty crates.
PCs checking the crates for any indication of how long its been since food was taken etc should be rewarded with a pat of the head and a mostly empty crate that has about 2 days worth of food of various types remaining in it, this is the remainder of the last delivery, each delivery is good for about 2 months).
The golem then walks to the centre of the room and pulls a level on the wall that causes a section of the floor to slide aside and reveal stairs leading down.
A diligent search of the storeroom reveals supplies for one person for about 2 months (the crate the golem just set down), a larger stone hooper containing coal, some stone working tools and lots of empty crates (some that have been packed with straw and were obviously used to transport something fragile).
The stairs lead down to a natural series of caverns that existed already in the mountain, again if they are following the golem it walks down the stairs ahead of them.
The stairs terminate in a small cavern that has a fairly large stone door set in the wall ahead of them, the golem goes up to the door and presses it’s fist to a specific stone in the arch around the door.  The door then swings open, the PCs can follow the golem in if they want, if not they can observe what it did and repeat it when they want to open the door.
If the PCs don’t follow the golem down here and instead check out the residence first or have fought (and survived) the golem previously they find a closed door.
Workshop Door Trap
This was added by Grimland when he decided to use the extensive storage caverns for his own purposes, one of the stones in the arc can be depressed, this unlocks the door and disarms the trap.  Picking the lock triggers the trap (the lock is a decoy and the door is opened/closed by pressing the stone), the trap seals the stone back over the stairway and then blasts fire into the rooms doing damage progressively as per the Heat Metal spell to everyone in the room.  Again the key to spotting and bypassing this trap is paying attention to the door, a close examination of the door itself shows no scratch marks around the keyhole and it doesn’t look to have been used, looking around the door the PC will be able to see the stone marked with an indentation (golems are not known for their subtlety), checking the floor and walls reveals nozzles blackened with soot. 
The door opens directly into Room One of the Map.
The Caverns
Dungeon Map
Map for the Dungeon part of the Adventure

Once in the caverns the door encountered will mostly be closed but will not be locked and there are practically no traps as Grimland wasn’t expecting anyone to get this far.  Exceptions will be noted in the appropriate areas.
Room One
The first room that anyone enters, this large chamber is obviously some kind of storage/fall-back position, empty weapon racks cover one wall and the remains of large dwarven tapestries (threaded with precious metals) hang on another, a huge dwarven coat of arms is carved into the ceiling.  There are three exits from here.  One of the tapestries is in a good enough state to be worth some money (about 500sp to the right collector) if the PCs can take it down and escape with it, on the other hand they could destroy it for the precious metals (about 200sp worth).
Alarm Trap
Directly in front of the door there is an alarm spell cast into a large symbol drawn on the floor, it can be avoided but if stepped on it sounds an alarm for about 6 seconds that is heard through out the caverns and brings two guardian spiders.
Guardian Spiders
Small constructs made of metal, used to guard the workshops, there are not many of these.
Armour Class: 16
Hit Dice: 1 (8HP)
Movement: 120′ (Fast and can run on walls/ceilings)
Number of Attacks: 2 (Stabbing with legs, +1)
Damage: 1D4 
Morale: 12 (Mindless Automaton)
Room Two
A small room that contains a stone table and a stone seat, examining the desk closely will reveal a small level on the underside, pulling this level opens a small drawer in the desk that looks like it used to hold gems or coins but is now empty.  Other than that there is nothing else significant in here.
Room Three
A large central hall that was used as a library.  Books & Scrolls line the walls of this room, there is a large comfy leather armchair next to a reading table, In this room is an ooze, attached to the ceiling, when Grimland died his flailing around mixed a lot of alchemical materials and spilled them around the workshop, these have reacted and created alchemical oozes.
Alchemical Ooze
Randomly Determine Elemental Immunity/Vulnerability (1-2 Fire/Cold, 3-4 Acid/Water 5-6 Cold/Fire)
Armour Class: 12
Hit Dice: 1 (8HP)
Movement: 120′ (Fast and can run on walls/ceilings)
Number of Attacks: 1 (Alchemical Attack, +1)
Damage: 1D4
Morale: 9 (Animal Like)
Damage depends on the elemental type, fire oozes are like rolling napalm, acid oozes engulf and dissolve, cold oozes freeze and frostburn.
Oozes are largely immune to physical attack, physical force based attacks deal only 1 point of damage, magical attacks deal normal damage and attacks that use their elemental vulnerability causes double.
The three oozes will attack on sight.
In this room there are a comfy pair of slippers, a tall pipe stand and ashtray, with a large carved pipe resting on it, a pouch of quite heavy honey soaked tobacco and a taper to light it.  Next to the chair is a coat stand that has a well worn and comfy looking smoking jacket on it.
Off to one side of the room is a small metal stove with a kettle and next to that is a table with a teapot, mugs and sugar etc.
Room Four
Store room, contains a large pen full of fresh dug coal and several smaller hoppers that contain metal ores, there is also a smelter and another stone golem (inactive) next to it.  Searching will reveal a small stash of silver and gold ore (worth about 200sp).
Room Five
Mining face, coal and other metals are mined here by a number of special purpose constructs.  The mining constructs are small hardy looking things that look like beetles about the size of a large dog.  There are three of these and they are inactive, if commanded they will resume work and begin mine ore and coal.  If attacked they will defend themselves but they are not aggressive.
Mining Construct
Medium Size Metal Construct Resembles a Beetle about the size of a Large Dog
Armour Class: 16
Hit Dice: 2 (16HP)
Movement: 60′ (Not hugely fast but determined)
Number of Attacks: 2 (Mining Pincers Attack, +2)
Damage: 1D4 Damage
Morale: 12 (Mindless)
Normal Construct abilities, these constructs are armoured to protect them while mining and resilient.  If attacked they will defend themselves.
This room is where Grimland used his constructs to delve into the mountain and retrieve ores for himself, most of the ore is simply used in experiments but he did trade some.
Room Six
Stairs leading up to a secondary exit that leads down the other side of the mountain, nothing else of interest.
Room Seven
A connecting room that holds some coveralls and other work gear.  Grimland would come here to change into his protective clothing before moving on to the workshop proper.  There is a set of clothing hanging on a peg.
Room Eight
The actual workshop, this room is large and full of alchemical gubbins, there is also a coal driven steam engine/furnace that is used to drive all the lab gear.  There are several drains in the floor that eventually lead to the mountain river.
Laying in the middle of the room is a body, it is wearing coveralls and is laying face down on the floor.  This is Grimland, he unfortunately suffered a heart attack and died, in his death throes he splashed a bunch of reagents and materials together which has caused the problems down in the town, he also accidentally created the alchemical oozes.  Of which there are number equal to the party strength attached to the ceiling.  If no one looks up roll for surprise.
Alchemical Ooze
Randomly Determine Elemental Immunity/Vulnerability (1-2 Fire/Cold, 3-4 Acid/Water 5-6 Cold/Fire)
Armour Class: 12
Hit Dice: 1 (8HP)
Movement: 120′ (Fast and can run on walls/ceilings)
Number of Attacks: 1 (Alchemical Attack, +1)
Damage: 1D4
Morale: 9 (Animal Like)
Damage depends on the elemental type, fire oozes are like rolling napalm, acid oozes engulf and dissolve, cold oozes freeze and frostburn.
Oozes are largely immune to physical attack, physical force based attacks deal only 1 point of damage, magical attacks deal normal damage and attacks that use their elemental vulnerability causes double.
When the oozes drop to the floor describe how one of them lands a viscous liquid that is trickling out of a storage vessel and it retreats from it smoking slightly.  Hopefully the PCs will get the hint, the liquid in that storage vessel is damaging to the oozes, coating weapons with it (takes their action for the turn) allows the weapon to deal it’s normal damage to the oozes.
Grimlands spell book is also in this room, located on a stand near the experimentation area.
The loot from this room is variable.  If you want to give your PCs some potions this is a brilliant place to do it, or you could say that the research here allows a discount on time and/or materials costs for spell research.
Room Nine
The ‘treasure’ room, this contains the things that Grimland prized most of all, rare books and scrolls, pictures of personal value, collections of things gathered through his adventuring career.  Rewards found here should not be a simple pile of money, they should be contextual and personal to Grimland.  For example when I ran this I gave Grimland a love of Swashbuckling Adventure and Romance novels and had them scattered around the place, in this room I had several cased first editions from famous writers.

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