Food – In this case Steve’s Lamb Stew

So I’ve been thinking about something other than the impending release of Mass Effect 3, which believe me took some effort.  “What have you been thinking of Steve?” I hear no one say, well I’ll tell you; food, in this case Stew, specifically my Moroccan influenced Lamb Stew and I have decided to share it with you all.

I have made this stew several times over the past few years and it always seem to go down well, there are so many ways you can tweak the recipe but in this case I’m going to go with the one I use most commonly.

You will need:

Meat – I use either diced lamb or mutton, depends on how strong a flavour you want from the meat.  Either is good.

A mix of veggies, you can use practically anything here, my recommendation is:

Sweet Potato
Butternut Squash
Swede or Turnips

Spices – Ground Smoked Paprika (the regular kind is ok but Smoked is much better if you can get it), Ground Cinnamon, Ground Cumin, fresh chopped garlic, Salt & Black Pepper.

Stock of your choice, I use a lamb or beef stock.

To begin there is a lot of chopping to do I’m afraid.  Start with the meat, trim the excess fat and make sure it is reasonably cubed then toss it quickly in a mixture of plain flour, black pepper and salt. Once this is done set it aside and move onto the veg.

Chop the celery and onions finely, everything else you can be a bit cavalier about and peel & roughly chop it however is easiest for you.

Once this is all done go back to the meat, dust it with the flour, salt & pepper again then get your big heavy based stew pot of choice and pour in a little light olive oil and heat.  When it’s hot throw the meat in and whizz it round until sealed.  Then take the meat out and rest it in a bowl somewhere.

Next, in the same stew pot without cleaning it, add a dash more oil and throw in the garlic, onions and celery, cook for a couple of minutes until the onions start to soften, then add the rest of the chopped veggies.  Cook for a further 5 minutes or so over a medium heat.  Then add the spices, start with (and these are rough measures used for when you are making enough stew for about 6 people) 2 teaspoons of Smoked Paprika, 2 teaspoons of Cinnamon and 1 of Cumin.  Stir the spices in and when the veggies are covered nicely add the meat (and all its juices) back to the pot, add another 1/1/0.5 teaspoons of the Smoked Paprika/Cinnamon/Cumin and stir round.

Pour in the stock until everything is covered, whack the heat to maximum until the pot starts to boil, then turn down to minimum and leave for at least 1.5 hours, longer is better.

If you want you can add suet dumplings, half an hour before you are going to serve make some suet dumpling mix:

100g suet, 200g self-rising flour, sprinkling of dried mixed herbs
Slowly add cold water and mix until you have a doughy lump of dumpling mix.  Separate & roll into small (about meatball sized) balls and then pop them in the stew directly, they will cook as the stew does and take about 30mins.

Finally I’d suggest making up some Couscous or Bulgur Wheat to serve with the stew and chop some fresh coriander to sprinkle over the top.

Serve with a nice glass of beer and enjoy the lovely smell that pours out of the kitchen while cooking this stew.

5 thoughts on “Food – In this case Steve’s Lamb Stew

  1. That sounds really quite good mate. I may well steal this. I’ll have to make a bastardised version for Lauren with fake meat (sorry about that), but the lamb version sounds awesome!

    1. If I could make a suggestion, I’ve found that a really good veggie friendly version of this (I’ve cooked it for veggie friends before) is to use a mixture of beans in place of the meat, they stew exceptionally well and soak up flavour. I used a combination of Chickpeas, Cannellini Beans, Kidney Beans & Pinto Beans, these give a nice range of fibre, iron and proteins.

      1. Nice idea – cheers. I tend to use Quorn in place of meat (I hate the bloody stuff but Lauren’s ok with it) but it doesn’t behave like meat in the cooking so it’s a real pain. Especially when trying to make burgers out of it!

  2. Indeed, Quorn and other Pseudo-meats are horrible to cook with as they behave part way between a mushroom and a steak for cooking time. 🙂 I find, with the stews especially, that beans are a better option, you can use several types at once and they add lots of different flavours and textures to the dishes.

  3. We made the veggie version with barley and beans in it last night and it was so tasty 🙂 Thank you for convincing Rich he likes barley after all!

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